Advanced Learning Travel Photography Workshops

Workshops seem to be everywhere these days - it seems everyone is leading a “workshop” in some exotic country or other, from your friendly neighbourhood photographer to National Geographic and everyone in-between. It is a very exciting time to be a photographer with so much choice on offer and so many options - as long as you have the money, there is seemingly nowhere you cannot visit and nothing you cannot do. So, why are these workshops different? Why should you choose one of these workshops over the others? Well, as it turns out, there are many reasons!

1. Actual learning workshops, not photo tours!

Our workshops will be designed to teach participants, not just take them to a country, set up shots for them, bully the locals into posing for them and then leave - which is what most of the photo tours sold these days do.  This is not what we’re doing.  We are going to attempt to elevate the participants’ skills and take them into the next level.

During each trip:

  • participants shoot in realistic assignment-like conditions, against carefully designed stories and briefs, in exactly the same way large publications operate

  • assignments are specifically designed to push the participants’ technical knowledge and other skills to the limit. From moving subjects to changing lighting conditions to managing crowds, everything is pushed, worked on, practiced and improved

  • participants are challenged to focus on their story-telling skills by planning, executing and then curating small sets of images to illustrate and narrate each story, with the group and the instructors acting as audience and client, discussing, offering views and suggestions for upcoming shoots

There are no set up shots for the group to shoot and no preparation for winning this or that competition. Participants are expected to carefully plan and execute their shots with the advice, support and assistance of our instructors

2. High-end but not high cost!

A high-end workshop is not defined by the luxuriousness of the hotels or the size of the transport 4x4s or how luxuriously they allow the instructors to fly. Sure, they can be all that, but this usually means very high prices for not a corresponding workshop value. This is fine for photo walks designed to enrich the participants’ portfolios, but this is not what our workshops are. Instead of over-the-top luxury, we offer:

  • good, solid, business type hotels chosen for their teaching support facilities (meeting rooms with projectors and other display equipment, etc.)

  • all necessary additional equipment, such as projectors, local mobile SIMs, laptops for basic processing, camera cleaning & maintenance support, etc.

  • detailed briefing and planning sessions before and post-shooting debriefing and reviews after each day’s shooting

  • intense, fast-paced and demanding shooting days interspersed wind-down and relaxing days

  • each shooting day carefully planned, tested, prepared and facilitated by carefully chosen local fixers supporting each participant

  • friendly “competition” among participants with prizes for each day’s efforts and an overall grand workshop prize

  • a published, hard-cover book at the end of the workshop with the best shots for each participant

3. Giving back, being part of the world we visit, improving the image of photographers around the world!

Our workshops are designed and intended to work within the communities we visit in a spirit of absolute respect, collaboration and harmony. We are not sneaky snipers nor are we “ask for forgiveness not permission” photographers. During our workshops we work with our subjects so when our stories come out, that connection and relationship comes through to our images - our shoots are, and always will be, collaborative efforts with the local communities, which is why part of our workshops include:

  • present to our subjects printed versions of their portraits

  • appropriate donations to the local charities and other initiatives to promote self growth and development

  • spread the world about these local communities, their lives and stories through our blog, social media and any other way possible


Storytelling in Bangladesh

March 2020

Limited to 10 Participants only

By travelling through one of the most colourful, original and hospitable countries in the world, participants will engage in multiple sessions of brief-based photographic assignments intended to help them develop their story-telling capabilities

Combining small-scale, mini assignments against specific briefs with free-style shooting days, the workshop pushes photographers to their technical and story-telling limits, teaching them flexibility, planning and forethought and, above all, coordination and teamwork.