Storytelling in Bangladesh

In my experience there is no country today like Bangladesh - modern and traditional at the same time, colourful, beautiful and absolutely chaotic all within the space of a couple of square blocks. Filled with some of the warmest and most amazing people I have ever seen and home to some of the most iconic images today. And because it is outside the tourist main beaten path, it offers unparalleled opportunities for truly original captures for the photographer who is not afraid to get outside his or her comfort zone. Our workshop combines everything: industrial and rural environments, extremely fast and slow-paced action, intensity and relaxation - there is something for everyone!


Day 1:

Day 2:

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Day 8:

What is included:

In addition to the standard inclusions for all workshops (see here), the Bangladesh workshop will include:

  • All accommodation, local transfers and most meals (as indicated in the schedule)

  • Local “care package” containing: a local SIM with data allowance, basic phrasebook, group contact & other emergency numbers, region-specific aids and much more.

  • any and all local permits as and when needed, including entries to monuments etc. as required by the shooting events

  • basic array of lighting and other photography support equipment, such as tripods, reflectors, lighting umbrellas, etc.

What is excluded:

  • International flights to and from the workshop start location

  • travel insurance (proof will be requested prior to participation)

  • equipment insurance

  • any required entry visas

What to expect:

The workshop will focus on improving your photography along two (2) important axes: technical skills and storytelling. Each shooting day will focus on different technical aspects and challenge your knowledge of your camera and of photography techniques to the max - this is not a workshop where you get to learn what a shutter speed or ISO is, this is where you put all that basic knowledge in action and push it to its limits. In our Bangladesh workshop you should expect:

  • 2 shooting-filled days followed by a relaxation day

  • morning and afternoon shoots in challenging and demanding conditions, including crowds, quick-moving subjects, constantly changing lighting conditions, challenging environmental conditions

  • very little time (sometimes) to review a scene, adjust your planning and vision and pursue your images (our fixers and guides will be constantly available for advise and additional facilitation as needed)

Our leader(s) will make every effort to prepare you for each condition by outlining the upcoming challenges and giving you pointers and ideas of how to address them, but ultimately, it will be your planning and preparation which will see you through and craft your unique images. During the planning sessions (usually every evening or early in the morning), you should expect to:

  • view multiple shots of the area, with a presentation of the conditions and “rules of engagement”

  • discuss different approaches with our leaders and guides to evaluate potential issues or challenges

  • spend some time planning and, we recommend, sketching the images you’d like to capture (so our guides and leaders can help you achieve them - if possible)

What you should not expect:

Our workshop is a teaching/learning workshop, not a photo walk. It is not designed or intended to help you capture the competition-winning image (even though this may actually happen - it’s up to you). As a result:

  • we do not help set up images which bear no resemblance or connection to the story

  • we do not push or bully locals and workers into unnatural, not-normal poses just to make a pretty picture

  • super comfortable, perfect environment, easy going shooting conditions

If any of the above make you feel uncomfortable, then maybe our workshops are not for you, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you will learn a lot and create some great images.